Bespoke Facials

Bespoke Facials to Make You Look and Feel Amazing

Dr Patrick Briggs’ Dermal Therapist will examine the health and condition of the skin and prescribe a bespoke facial treatment that will treat present skin concerns. Simply choose the duration time of your treatment and let us customise the perfect treatment for you.

Bespoke Facial Treatments can include:


Bespoke Facial

Deeply exfoliate and polish the skin to stimulate new cell growth and the renewal of collagen.

Uses ultrasonic (soundwave) technology providing a warm massage treatment that will increase circulation, condition and tone the skin while infusing serums up to 800 times deeper into the skin.

Dermal Peels
Allow a chemical epidermal exfoliation with the added benefit of infusing nourishment to the skin.
Enzyme Treatments involve the use of naturally occurring fruit acids and enzymes to exfoliate, renew and replenish the skin.

LED Light Therapy
Is a rejuvenating and repairing, offering pain free and non-invasive light treatment for all skin types. This clinically proven treatment allows us to increase hydration and firmness, reduce bacteria and breakouts and reverse the signs of ageing.

Lymphatic Massage
Performed by hand to detoxify, regenerate tissues and encourage fluid drainage of the face, neck, shoulders and head.

Gently manipulating the skin to remove blackheads and congestion from the skin. Steam therapy and enzymes prepare the skin for extraction with antibacterial & ant inflammatory therapies conclude the treatment.
All of the Bespoke Facials include Deep Cleansing, post treatment skincare application and SPF protection to finish.

Bespoke Facial Price List

30 Minute Mini Facial

Our power treatment that delivers maximum effects in a minimum amount of time. Perfect for a lunch- time treatment or for those on the go.

60 Minute Deluxe Facial

Experience an hour of in-depth skin treatments combined with revitalizing skin elixirs and facial massage.

90 Minute Ultimate Facial 

The ultimate treatment experience. Drift away as we transform your skin with advanced treatment therapies, skin elixirs, treatment masks and massage


All of our Bespoke Facial can be purchased in packages of 3 to be enjoyed within a 6 month period.
Speak to our Dermal Therapist or our friendly reception staff about our current packages.

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